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The Perfect Picnic Partner, a Mayo-Less Potato Salad

I get it. You don’t want sand in your…are those tomato slices? Olives? What kind of beach picnic is this? And prominently featured in the nicely-sized Wonderlier bowl appears to be a mayonnaise-based salad of some sort. In the sun. At the beach. Holy crackers, you guys. Okay, okay, I know how your family adores… Continue reading The Perfect Picnic Partner, a Mayo-Less Potato Salad


Jell-O Cookies for Everybody

I hear you, my darlings. It’s cold. It’s windy.  It’s rainy and/or snowy. But you want Jell-O, and also something warm and cozy. I give you: Jell-O cookies. DIG IT. Gorgeous Jell-O cookie recipe from Just Helen. Patriotic Jell-O cookies from Munchkin Munchies. Delightful Pastel Jell-O Cookies from Kraft. BONUS RECIPE: Jell-O Meringue Cookies from… Continue reading Jell-O Cookies for Everybody


Ambrosia Recipe Round-up

Have you ever reached the potluck’s dessert table to be met with crushing disappointment, realizing there is no Ambrosia Salad? Despair no more, my darlings, because you, yes YOU, can be the divine bearer of Ambrosia. What is Ambrosia? A magical concoction of mandarin oranges, marshmallows, something creamy and fluffy, and other tidbits such as… Continue reading Ambrosia Recipe Round-up

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Homemade Salad Dressing Shakeup!

The Tupperware Quick Shake Container has many uses (protein shakes, anyone?) but my favorite way to use it is mixing and storing homemade salad dressing. The blender wheel quickly and efficiently emulsifies oil and vinegar (no whisking for you!), it has a handy pour spout, and the airtight seal keeps it fresh in the fridge.… Continue reading Homemade Salad Dressing Shakeup!


My Favorite Jello Mold Recipes, Part One

Tupperware and Jello Molds go together like, well, Tupperware and Jello Molds. Here’s a roundup of some favorite recipes, all fit the 6-cup Jel-Ring Mold. Did you order your Jel-Ring Mold from Miss Tina yet? I’ll wait here.   All glorious photos below are from their respective websites. First up, Cantaloupe-Studded Champagne Jelly from Bon… Continue reading My Favorite Jello Mold Recipes, Part One